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Lephnia Display Caps

By Symbiotic Design

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License: Public domain / GPL / OFL

Author Notes:

Lephina Display Caps includes 108 unique glyphs and covers the Basic Latin character set. It also includes numerals, basic punctuation, and symbols like @, $, %, ^, &. Special characters like TM, SM, Copyright, Registered symbols, and TEL sign are available. For those who donate to support my freeware design work, there's an enhanced version of Lephina with lowercase characters, expanded character support, improved kerning, and multilingual capabilities. Lephina Display Caps offers 108 glyphs, supports Basic Latin characters, numerals, and common symbols. A premium version with lowercase letters, extensive character coverage, improved kerning, and multilingual support is available exclusively to donors supporting my freeware design endeavors.

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Character Map